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Friday 9th August 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Watch Our Services Live on YouTube

Sunday Service Time: 10.30am (In church and online)

Going Deeper - Bible Study: 8pm 1st Wednesday of every month (Online only)

Jesus is the head, the focus, the motivation, the fuel and the centre of everything we do. We're named the King's Church because before anything else, we are the church of Jesus the King.


We believe that 'going to church' is to be taken seriously, but a sense of 'togetherness' also brings with it a large element of fun. Whether it is enjoying a meal together after every Sunday service or going away together for a day, weekend or even longer, we think that church should be a positive experience to be shared.


We love to sing! Praise and worship is a significant part of every Sunday service. Our worship songs are contemporary and will appeal to all age groups. People from many countries have made King's Church their spiritual home and this gives a distinctly multicultural flavour to our services. We literally see tribes, tongues, people and nations represented each and every Sunday.

We love and appreciate our community in the Medway Towns and again, this is reflected in the people attracted to King's Church Ministries. Our outward focus means that a culture of friendship and acceptance is evident. Sitting next to you could be a highly qualified surgeon one week and someone who is homeless the next; we are all equal.


Finally, we are passionate about relationships and the importance of being a 'spiritual family'. This means that King's Church is a colourful, compassionate and happy place to spiritually grow up in.

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