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Kingdom People

"Yet to all who did receive Him to those who believed in His Name, He gave the right to become children of God". - John 1:12


Without our faith we would have no church, it really is that simple. For us, a four word statement "Jesus Christ is Lord" is enough; it's displayed prominently in our worship area and ingrained into our DNA. But whilst that is all very well for those of us inside our church, what about those wanting to learn, wanting to understand and most importantly, wanting to join in?


We believe that a Church should be reflective of the community it serves. We are literally from every corner of the earth and we all come together in unity as one family of believers to worship God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are a free church affiliated to Churches in Communities International.


Our worship style is lively and enthusiastic. We are very blessed with a worship team of great talent and commitment who write much of the material used in our services.


As you will hopefully see in the pages ahead, our involvement with and engagement in our community is born out of a real sense of responsibility as Christians to bring the hope and love of God to a hurting world.


We are proud to have a diverse congregation from all walks of life and of all nationalities. Our logo has been designed to encapsulate our heritage and history. Nationalities include (but is not exclusive to):

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