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Our History

During the charismatic revival in 1977, a small group of people headed up by Barrie Ribbens and Arthur Bateman came together to seek more of God. Having individually experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, they collectively enjoyed fellowship across various homes in and around the Medway Towns.


Membership numbers began to increase and in 1984, after much effort and commitment, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church on New Road, Chatham, was purchased. The building itself was completely derelict and had been unused for several years, but upon completion an entirely new journey began.


Over the next three and a half years, the huge job of renovation was undertaken. Church members freely gave their time and talents, rebuilding nearly the entire internal structure as well as ensuring that the building was externally safe after being unused for so long.

Finally, in 1988 the church was reopened and rededicated. "King's Church Medway" was officially named as the new home of what was previously known as the Rochester Christian Fellowship.


The video below shows the work done at the time and the transformation of the building thanks to the church members at the time who volunteered on the project.

Since the restoration of the new King's Church Medway building in the late 1980s, many new seasons have passed and further improvements and refurbishments have occurred.


Being faithful in the little things and doing the best with what you have was, and is, our motivation. We've been blessed with a sanctuary provided by God and with it, many talents have been brought forward; the people who paint and build as a trade have continued to give their time just as they did when this building was first founded.


With the additions of  Caring Hands, Light the Way and King's Church Gillingham, and the vision expanding from just local to also be international what was once just "King's Church Medway" became "King's Church Ministries".

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